Settings with django CMS Helper

Extra settings

django CMS Helper provide a basic set of settings, you’ll probably need to provide your own.

Extra settings can be provided by creating a file in the application root directory and providing the settings as a dictionary named HELPER_SETTINGS:

    'ANY_SETTING: False,

An alternative, and possibly clearer form is:


By default any setting option provided in will override the default ones.

Special settings

The following settings will not override the defaults ones, but they are appended to the defaults to make easier to customise the configuration:


Other extra setting:

  • TOP_INSTALLED_APPS: items in this setting will be inserted on top of INSTALLED_APPS (e.g.: to control the templates and static files override from standard applications configured by djangocms-helper).
  • TOP_MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES: items in this setting will be inserted on top of MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES.

Django 1.8 support

All TEMPLATES_ settings from Django 1.6/1.7 are automatically translated to Django 1.8 TEMPLATE setting. To support both, just use the old names, and djangocms-helper will take care of converting.

Django 1.10 support

MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting is automatically copied into MIDDLEWARE on Django 1.10 and above to support new style middleware. This assumes all the middlewares are compatible with the new style. If you define a MIDDLEWARE setting, MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES is not copied over it or merged with it, including the django CMS middlewares. To support both styles, thus, just use the old setting and and the `compatibility mixin<>`_.

default settings

These are the applications, context processors and middlewares loaded by default


'djangocms_helper.test_data',  # this provides basic templates and urlconf

Template context processors:



On Django 1.8 these are translated to the new path django.template.context_processors.*



–cms option

When using --cms option, INSTALLED_APPS, TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS and MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES related to django CMS are added to the default settings so you won’t need to provide it yourself.



When django CMS 3.1+ is used, treebeard is configured instead of mptt.

Template context processors:




djangocms-helper discovers automtically the South / Django migrations layout and configure the settings accordingly. As of the current version filer, djangocms_text_ckeditor, cmplugin_filer are supported.