django CMS Helper

djangocms-helper is a set of commands and helper methods to make developing and testing reusable Django applications easier.

Being born in the django CMS ecosystem, it provides a lot of utility functions to develop, run and test django CMS applications.

It’s a modified version of django CMS’s own script, and it allows to develop applications without having a full project - which is not always possible or convenient - set up.

It does this by spawning its own virtual project - a basic generic project built in to itself - that’s ready to integrate with your application with just a little extra configuration.

The utilities provided:

  • help setting up and running tests
  • give you access to a Django shell
  • run the Django check command
  • compile and update locale message
  • help manage Django and South migrations
  • perform static analysis using pyflakes
  • build an authors list automatically
  • setting up a Django environment

django CMS Helper was created by Iacopo Spalletti.


Installing from pip:

pip install djangocms-helper


pip install djangocms-helper[cms]

to install it along with django CMS

Installing from source:

pip install git+